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    The Ultimate “Tour de France” Road Trip

    Although it took me years (and multiple failed attempts) to get my driver's license, it's probably one of the best things I did. Road tripping has become one of my favorite way of traveling, because it always makes me feel intensely free. There is also something almost meditative to being on the road, driving, as you can't take your eyes off the road and use distractions against boredom. The most impactful road trip I experienced was probably the first one I took on my own, when I boarded my step father's old but solid Volkswagen Golf to move to Sweden. This is not what I will write about right now though,…

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    Venice, unexpected

    The first thing I noticed about Venice, is how wrong I was about Venice. Sure, I knew it would be beautiful! But I thought it would be so in an expected way. I thought I had heard all about it, seen it a thousand times before even going there. I expected it to be overrated, underwhelming. And then Venice hit me in the face. It was just after sunrise and I took the first street I came upon... and I thought my heart stopped for a little. I had to stand still a few minutes, just to take it in. It felt like Venice was whispering to my ear "so…

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    Favourite Destinations

    Porto: Foreign Familiarity

    My trip to Porto is definitely what I could call a dream come true. From when I imagined becoming an archeologist to my serious plan of ever working for the National Geographic, and over the years, one thing stayed: one day I would travel with my work. Porto was the realization of this: my very first work trip! After drifting so far from my original objectives (with a detour into the Labyrinth of Law), finally ending up there made all the sense in the world.  And Porto overachieved.  Portugal itself seduced me before I even touched ground - after months of leaving in the flat Netherlands, the appearance of mountain…

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    4 Steps For An Efficient Destination Marketing Strategy

    Previously, we had a look at Destination Marketing and why it is essential. It is now time for a step by step guide (worry not, it’s only 4 steps long) to creating a great Destination Marketing strategy. How to create an efficient Destination Marketing strategy? Here are 4 quick but unavoidable steps to boost your destination marketing strategy. Step 1: assess your product and value it – definition of the competitive advantage Destination Marketing starts with the identification of a Destination’s strengths and the superior benefits it offers to visitors. This analysis must take into consideration the consumer wants and needs as well. The strength of the competitive advantage is…

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    Destination Marketing, And Why We Can’t Do Without

    Today's touristic landscape sees an ever growing competition, with 70 % of international visitors visiting only ten countries (source). Awareness, differentiation, and recognition as a touristic Destination are hence essential for Destinations looking to attract visitors. Destination Marketing, therefore, cannot be ignored. What is Destination Marketing? Destination Marketing is an essential tool for Destinations looking to become real players on the traveler's map. Mostly, it puts a tourism product on the marketplace and seeks to improve its competitiveness. It does do by developing, growing and retaining its popularity for touristic purposes. It is, in fact, the promotion of a Destination to increase its touristic attractiveness. Destination marketing reveals a Destination’s potential…

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    Things I Will Miss From Life In Gothenburg

    The time to start counting down the hours before my departure has arrived. A white coat of snow has covered the town, and it makes for a melancholic atmosphere: the perfect time to reflect and look back on good times spent here and all the things I will miss from life in Gothenburg. Here are a few of the best parts of my days of Gothenburg: Walks in beautiful Haga, punctuated by the amazing smells of coffee and cinnamon buns Evenings in one of Andra Långgatan’s pubs or Kaffé Magasinet having a beer (or three) in good company Snapping photos of the overly photogenic trams of Gothenburg Going to Lagerhaus…

  • Skopelos
    Favourite Destinations

    The places we call home

    When you live abroad, or even just travel, the first question people usually ask you will be “where are you from?”. This is always a bit of a tricky question for me because, although I am from France, the place I call home is far from where I was born and where I grew up (if you think in the classic meaning of it, anyway). No, the place I call home is the place that stole my heart when it was still probably the size of a nut – and I the size of a decent roasted chicken. Lucky enough, it also is probably the best Greek island one can…