• Steps for a strong Destination Marketing Strategy

    4 Steps For An Efficient Destination Marketing Strategy

    Previously, we had a look at Destination Marketing and why it is essential. It is now time for a step by step guide (worry not, it’s only 4 steps long) to creating a great Destination Marketing strategy. How to create an efficient Destination Marketing strategy? Here are 4 quick but unavoidable steps to boost your destination marketing strategy. Step 1: assess your product and value it – definition of the competitive advantage Destination Marketing starts with the identification of a Destination’s strengths and the superior benefits it offers to visitors. This analysis must take into consideration the consumer wants and needs as well. The strength of the competitive advantage is…

  • Destination Marketing

    Destination Marketing, And Why We Can’t Do Without

    Today's touristic landscape sees an ever growing competition, with 70 % of international visitors visiting only ten countries (source). Awareness, differentiation, and recognition as a touristic Destination are hence essential for Destinations looking to attract visitors. Destination Marketing, therefore, cannot be ignored. What is Destination Marketing? Destination Marketing is an essential tool for Destinations looking to become real players on the traveler's map. Mostly, it puts a tourism product on the marketplace and seeks to improve its competitiveness. It does do by developing, growing and retaining its popularity for touristic purposes. It is, in fact, the promotion of a Destination to increase its touristic attractiveness. Destination marketing reveals a Destination’s potential…