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Things I Will Miss From Life In Gothenburg

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The time to start counting down the hours before my departure has arrived. A white coat of snow has covered the town, and it makes for a melancholic atmosphere: the perfect time to reflect and look back on good times spent here and all the things I will miss from life in Gothenburg.

Here are a few of the best parts of my days of Gothenburg:

Walks in beautiful Haga, punctuated by the amazing smells of coffee and cinnamon buns

Haga, Gothenburg’s best neighborhood for coffee and cakes

Evenings in one of Andra Långgatan’s pubs or Kaffé Magasinet having a beer (or three) in good company

Have a drink under pretty lights and surrounded by plants in Kaffé Magasinet

Snapping photos of the overly photogenic trams of Gothenburg

The blue trams roaming around town are good photo subjects

Going to Lagerhaus and other design or plant stores three times a week because they have such pretty things

This kind of stores kept me busy the whole year I lived here

Visit one of the many parks in and around the center on a sunny day, in the company of plants and exotic animals

Plants, animals, trees borded lanes… Enough to spend a perfect day in Gothenburg

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