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    Azores: Cows, Jungle, and the endless Ocean.

    We went to Azores for my birthday in May 2019. I remember making the decision without really realizing, announcing to my Dutchie (when we were quite a new couple): "I am going to Portugal and Azores for my birthday. You can come.". We landed in São Miguel from Lisbon, after a day there. We had booked a few Airbnbs around the island and a car, so we could freely roam around and explore. Greeted by Sete Cidades & its twin lake After a quick, but delicious, lunch in the Capital Ponta Delgada, we headed to our first accommodation. We chose a typical house near the Lagoa das Sete Cidades, a…

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    Venice, unexpected

    The first thing I noticed about Venice, is how wrong I was about Venice. Sure, I knew it would be beautiful! But I thought it would be so in an expected way. I thought I had heard all about it, seen it a thousand times before even going there. I expected it to be overrated, underwhelming. And then Venice hit me in the face. It was just after sunrise and I took the first street I came upon... and I thought my heart stopped for a little. I had to stand still a few minutes, just to take it in. It felt like Venice was whispering to my ear "so…

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    Things I Will Miss From Life In Gothenburg

    The time to start counting down the hours before my departure has arrived. A white coat of snow has covered the town, and it makes for a melancholic atmosphere: the perfect time to reflect and look back on good times spent here and all the things I will miss from life in Gothenburg. Here are a few of the best parts of my days of Gothenburg: Walks in beautiful Haga, punctuated by the amazing smells of coffee and cinnamon buns Evenings in one of Andra Långgatan’s pubs or Kaffé Magasinet having a beer (or three) in good company Snapping photos of the overly photogenic trams of Gothenburg Going to Lagerhaus…

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    The places we call home

    When you live abroad, or even just travel, the first question people usually ask you will be “where are you from?”. This is always a bit of a tricky question for me because, although I am from France, the place I call home is far from where I was born and where I grew up (if you think in the classic meaning of it, anyway). No, the place I call home is the place that stole my heart when it was still probably the size of a nut – and I the size of a decent roasted chicken. Lucky enough, it also is probably the best Greek island one can…