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Venice, unexpected

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The first thing I noticed about Venice, is how wrong I was about Venice.

Sure, I knew it would be beautiful! But I thought it would be so in an expected way. I thought I had heard all about it, seen it a thousand times before even going there. I expected it to be overrated, underwhelming.

And then Venice hit me in the face. It was just after sunrise and I took the first street I came upon... and I thought my heart stopped for a little.

I had to stand still a few minutes, just to take it in. It felt like Venice was whispering to my ear "so you thought you knew better...". Beauty everywhere and a lesson in humility: could not have hoped for better!

This first morning is still one of my best memory of Venice. It was so appeasing, only inhabited by busy people heading to work, or going for a run. La Serenissima, in all its beauty, interrupted only by the unavoidable wedding photoshoots on San Marco.

I loved Venice for its unexpected calmness. Walk towards the Dorsodouro, and you will find the secret Venice. Canals, hanged laundry, and small alleys everywhere. It's the real Venice, and the realm of the Venetians.

I loved Venice for its water, the unforgettable moments I spent exploring it from the canals, the lagoon, and away, the sea.

I loved Venice for its people, and the stories they told me. I even developed a nostalgic love for Prosecco, and I don't normally like bubbles.

Thank you Venice, for being a slap in my face. You were amazing.

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